Teapots Away Press
We may be a little mad here, but our goal is you won't be!

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Welcome to Teapots Away Press

Our mission - to create a publishing house where authors of all experience levels may thrive. We are not traditional, vanity or just a list of outrageously priced services. Our goal is to become your publishing partner in whatever form that means for you. We don't work with agents. We choose to work directly with authors to cut out the middle man.

We're new here in the publishing biz but we plan to take it by storm. If you've ever asked these types of questions, we may be a good fit for you:

Why can't I get more royalties from a traditional publisher?

Do I want to query every agent with the slim chance one will accept me?

How do I do this self-publishing thing?

Why are all the small publishers too busy?

How can I get more control in my book contracts?

Why does everyone want to take my money to publish my book?

What is a vanity press?

What is a hybrid publisher?

Is Amazon Createspace my only choice?

Where do I find the money to publish my book?

Aren't there any other options out there?

Well, if you have, then you've come to the right place.
We are not traditional or vanity or self-publishing services. Our house is different.

Maybe you'll want to call us home. If you do - fill out the form below.